Jims Rib's, a Tasty Secret

Jim's Rib Haven is the taste of Rock Island, IL and has become a member of Quad-Citians food group. It's one of the first places Quad-Citians go when they are returning home for a visit, and one of the last places to stop.

It’s also a place that many first-time visitors to the Quad-Cities find by accident. On days when the ribs are being smoked, the heavy aromatic blend of hickory and meat floats throughout the city.

The smell however has not always been favored by everyone. In 1984 Mr. Overton was told to add a 12-foot extension onto the smokestack when a few vocal neighbors complained about the smoke blowing into their yards. The taller chimney was a negotiated settlement that was in newspapers all over the world.

Not too many have missed a taste of the ribs smoked slowly over hickory wood in a small white building along 5th Avenue, the first home of Jim's Rib Haven. It was a home the rib king didn't expect to have. Mr. Overton arrived in the Quad-Cities in late 1949 after a stint in the Army. He went to work for J I Case, and then five years later began working at International Harvester Farmall plant.

In 1967, Mr Overton opened Jim's Rib Haven as a carry-out restaurant only. The popularity of the ribs grew so fast he soon opened a larger restaurant around the corner on 24th Street. The new facility included a dining room area. Since then, there have been two additional locations opened, East Moline, IL and Omaha, Ne.

Jim's Rib Haven was featured on Food Networks best of 2002.


Great ribs in Omaha‎ - A TripAdvisor Member‎ - Sep 1, 2008

Jim's Ribs are the best in Omaha. I've tried almost all the rib places around here and I keep coming back. Nice and spicy with a side of cobbler.

Addictive!!‎ - A TripAdvisor Member‎ - Dec 23, 2008

I lived in Omaha for many years and have tried rib joints from Nebraska, Missouri, Memphis, and all around! Jims is by far the BEST I've ever had!

10 Stars!!...‎ - Chanel‎ - Dec 23, 2008

Jims is the BEEEESSSTT!!! I'm 30 and have been addicted to this place since I was 16 (the year I moved to Omaha). I live out of town, but my family is in Omaha, so I always make a trip to Jims when I'm in town : )‎

The best ribs EVER!!‎ - Rib eater‎ - Apr 17, 2008

My husband and I both went to graduate school and medical school in Omaha and this was a favorite spot and still is. We come back every year to visit Omaha, from San Diego, and Jim's Ribs is the first stop.

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